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Benefits of Acto


“All together better” for your hearing

Wherever you go, Oticon Acto helps you hear clearly and communicate with confidence.


On the outside it looks neat and discreet. On the inside, sophisticated technologies deliver clear, well balanced sound quality – no matter how busy daily life gets.

Whether it’s business or leisure – chatting face-to-face or on the phone – Oticon Acto promises a new-found sense of freedom and control.

Better sound

Oticon Acto is bursting with advanced technologies designed to help you hear clearly and respond naturally. Features that work together to make speech easier to understand; noise less difficult to deal with, and surrounding sounds simpler to identify.

Better connections

If you’re tired of having trouble hearing the TV or using the phone, it’s time to consider Oticon ConnectLine. It sends the sound wirelessly to your Acto instruments, so you can watch TV at a normal volume; use mp3 players with ease, and talk on your home or mobile phone without even having to pick up the handset.

Better cosmetics

Design isn’t just about performance; it’s also about how things look – and Oticon Acto looks just as good as it feels. From earpiece to shell, it looks so discreet that you can wear it and forget all about it. Oticon Acto also comes in a range of styles and colours to suit your listening and cosmetic requirements.