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Benefits of Safari


Built for a life of adventure

Living life’s everyday adventures


In Swahili the word Safari means “journey”, which is exactly how your child’s life could be described. A journey full of adventures, challenges, victories and defeats – but that’s what makes the experience so worthwhile.

Safari is also the name of a complete family of hearing aids that offer unique opportunities to children with hearing loss. With Safari as a constant companion, children will get the very best out of every stage of their development as they move full steam ahead towards adulthood.

Hearing more of each word

Acquiring spoken language is a challenging task because children need to be able to hear words clearly before they can learn to pronounce them. By capturing most of the difficult-to-hear speech sounds, Safari does more to support this process than any other hearing aid currently available.

The extra high-frequency details that Safari can capture also paint a clearer picture of your child’s environment. With a more accurate perception of people and places they will feel more confident and more secure in the kindergarten, at the playground and at home.

Safari simply supports children with hearing loss to lead an active, playful life.