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Key Features of Sensei


  • Grow up with a rich sound picture
    Speech Guard E preserves the natural speech cues essential for optimal participation in daily life. Providing each child with optimally compressed acoustic stimuli by their amplification enables extraction of acoustic information for proficient sub-cortical encoding and cortical representation. Growing up with a rich sound picture will equip the child to recognise speech not only in quiet situations but also under noisy conditions.
  • Perfect placement every day
    SmartFit™ Trainer helps parents ensure the ear mould is placed correctly. Designed specifically for paediatric use, SmartFit™ Trainer in Oticon Sensei helps you empower parents so that they can always be certain a mould is inserted correctly. It is designed to help in both the training of inserting ear moulds at the fitting and later at home, when the parents need to feel confident handling their child’s new instruments. SmartFit™ Trainer is just another example of Oticon’s commitment to embracing and solving the practicalities of hearing loss.
  • No more whistling
    Inium feedback shield prevents feedback without artefact drawbacks. Fitting instruments to fast growing ears present a challenge to the audiologist, keeping up with ear mould remakes, and to the anti-feedback system, keeping up with the slowly however continuously changing feedback path. Given the importance of wearing instruments continually a robustly designed anti feedback system is essential.
  • Made for childhood
    Oticon Sensei is designed to last Children are often on the move – most of us admire their energy – but that means they need instruments that can stand up to an active lifestyle and be able to adapt to the many situations a child encounters, at school, at home and when they play. Not only that, instruments must also be safe for children. In Oticon Sensei this risk has been addressed through the use of a tamper resistant battery door and a switch free button cover.