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Introducing Oticon Own™

Custom hearing aids developed for optimal comfort, discretion, and exceptional sound experience.

Oticon Zircon™

Great sound quality, rechargeability and connectivity so you can celebrate life all around you.


15 convenient locations in Malaysia


Qualified audiologists and audiometricians


Fitted more than 15,000 patients


Wide range of hearing aids and services

Hearing Aids for a Better Quality of Life

Enjoy the sounds of life in greater clarity once again with hearing aids. Take a hearing test to learn about your hearing health or speak to our audiologists for more information about our hearing care solutions.

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Learn About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can cause you to grow distant from your loved ones and lose interest in your hobbies. Learn more about hearing loss here.

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Book an Appointment

Schedule a free consultation with our friendly audiologists to get your hearing tested or learn more about our hearing aids and services.

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Find a Hearing Clinic

Hearing Partners has 15 clinics located conveniently across Malaysia. Take a free basic hearing test at your nearest clinic.

About Hearing Partners

As part of the Audika group, Hearing Partners is equipped with over 100 years of audiology expertise and is backed by more than 4,000 clinics worldwide. We provide personalised hearing solutions and an extensive selection of high-quality hearing aids from Oticon. At Hearing Partners, we use our expertise and technology to enhance the lives of those experiencing hearing loss. Expect exceptional levels of care and customised solutions designed to meet your needs.

Quality Hearing Aids and Accessories

Oticon hearing aids are powered by innovative technology designed to give users access to a holistic sound scene.

Personalised Hearing Care Services

Our audiologists will propose a hearing solution that best suits your hearing needs and lifestyle preferences.

Accessible Hearing Care Clinics

With hearing clinics located in many major cities across Malaysia, Hearing Partners is easily accessible to all.

Our Hearing Aid Models

Find a wide selection of Oticon hearing aids for adults and children at any of our hearing clinics. We offer behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) styles to suit your unique needs. Browse our selection below.

Our Hearing Care Services

Explore our hearing care services including hearing tests for adults and children, dizziness and balance diagnostic tests, tinnitus treatment and remote care. Our audiologists will also assist you in finding the right hearing aid for your specific needs.

Hearing Test for Adults

Hearing Test for Babies & Children

Tinnitus Management

Dizziness and Balance Diagnostic Tests

Hearing Aid Fitting and Selection

Remote Care

Hearing Test for Adults

Hearing Test for Children

Tinnitus Management

Dizziness and Balance Diagnostic Tests

Hearing Aid Fitting and Selection

Remote Care

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Our Client Testimonials

Thomas Chan, User of Oticon More™

Rosie Wee, User of Oticon More™
Cynthia Tan, User of Oticon More™
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Testimony HP Klang 1

Their excellent services beyond my imaginations. I was other brand user before, but their milestone and kind help that open my eyes; there are people out there helping those needed with their true hearts, not only making money.

Now, I am part of their family and I always enjoy with their services. I am truly happy and always be.

- Dr Ganesh Tharumarajah

I thought I will be isolated forever. I never imagine this units could bring my joy back. Thanks to Hearing Partners Klang team who reveals the way to have better hearing and better quality of life.

Now I able to join family gathering and conversation like before. You are my life saver.

- Sadiman Mingan

My hearing gets worsen; previous unit was not enough for me. Thanks to Hearing Partners Klang that introduced Powerful hearing aids that changed my life better. Clear and easy to understand explanations, friendly and sincerely services that really touch my heart.

I am truly thankful for your excellent job.

- Sa'adiah Saari

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