Singapore’s Leading Hearing Care Company

Hearing Partners was established in Singapore since year 2000 to provide hearing health care services for people diagnosed with hearing loss. The ability to hear clearly and accurately is an important communication skill and without it, many people grow to feel isolated and excluded from social activities. Our goal at Hearing Partners is to provide our patients with the best possible hearing care outcomes through the use of regular free hearing tests, hearing aids, and clinical advice from our resident audiologists. Filing in the gap and need in this industry, our centers have flourished and at present we have nine branches located all over Singapore. And is continually expandng across Asia in countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Our Aim

Hearing Partners is commited to working with our clients to find the best possible hearing care solutions that suits their lifestyle and need.

Our Vision

Making a difference to the lives of the hearing impaired and improving their quality of life.

Our Values

Compassion, Integrity, Professionalism, Passion and Quality

Our Team

Hearing Partners takes pride in its team of highly experienced hearing care professionals; we also have the highest number of clinical audiologists employed within our company at present. We provide a complete range of diagnostics tests and services using the latest techniques, and will recommend the most appropriate hearing solution to our customers based on their test results and individual needs. Our team is dedicated to advancing knowledge, exploring and expanding treatment options, and improving the quality of patient care. Our audiologists are active in professional association and engage in clinical research whenever possible. For continuing education, we keep our practices up-to-date with seminars/convention in Singapore and overseas.