I’m not deaf, I just have trouble hearing in background noise. Do I need a hearing aid?

The loss of the ear’s natural ‘fine-tuning’ ability causes many people to experience hearing difficulty, especially when there is background noise. This is the result of a loss of hearing sensitivity in the middle and high frequency regions of the inner parts of the ear, called the Cochlear. It is the most common form of hearing problem, especially for those over 55 years of age. It is not ‘deafness’ in the accepted sense, but certainly a hearing aid can help to improve your hearing. A free hearing consultation from Hearing Partners can help establish your existing hearing level and also manage any hearing loss that you may have.

Can hearing loss be cured by any drugs or surgery?

At the moment, only specific hearing problems can be medically or surgically treated. An ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist may recommend surgical intervention based on numerous factors, including the general health of the patient (is he fit for surgery?), and the likelihood of a successful outcome whereby hearing sensitivity is restored (partially or fully). The patient can then make an informed decision based on the doctor’s advice. In cases where surgery is not recommended, hearing aids are the treatment of choice. At Hearing Partners, we have a team of dedicated, caring and professional consultants to conduct a thorough hearing assessment. Where medical issues are detected, our consultant or audiologist will then refer you to an ENT specialist.

Will a hearing aid cure my hearing loss?

It is important to remember that although hearing aids can make the best of whatever hearing you have remaining, they cannot physically alter your natural hearing mechanism or return your hearing to what it was like when you were younger or could hear well. Hearing aids are like any other type of aids available. For example, spectacles are aids to help you see better but does not cure visual impairment.

What is the difference between Hearing Partners and other hearing aid centres?

Hearing Partners has hearing centres conveniently located around Singapore. We listen to our customers and offer them the best hearing solutions based on our professional experience and their needs. Only hearing aid products of highest quality are selected for our customers. You can be assured that our range of hearing aids rank among the best in the world, having gone through years of research, development and trials before they are released for sale to the public. In order that we can provide ultimate customer satisfaction, we offer a lifetime free consultation to all customers.

What is the difference between advanced digital hearing aids and standard digital hearing aids?

Advanced digital hearing aids not only amplify crystal clear sound, they also function automatically like our ears. Only selected advanced digital hearing aids have artificial intelligence to amplify speech clearly like normal hearing, even in noisy background environments.