Hearing Aid Prices in Malaysia

Hearing aids enhance the overall well-being of those experiencing hearing loss, enabling them to better connect with their surroundings. Learn about the prices of hearing aids in Malaysia here.

Price of Hearing Aids at Hearing Partners Malaysia

Hearing Partners offers a wide selection of Oticon hearing aids with prices ranging from RM2,700 to RM19,000 per piece. The price is dependent on the specific model and features of the device.

Enjoy a Post-Purchase Experience Like No Other

At Hearing Partners, the journey of getting an Oticon hearing aid goes beyond simply fitting the device. After receiving your hearing aids, you can enjoy a full range of benefits including lifetime support from our team of experienced audiologists, remote consultations and shorter waiting times for appointments.

Unlimited Reviews

Unlimited Reviews

Benefit from an unlimited number of hearing tests and reviews with our audiologists across all our hearing centres in Malaysia.

Unlimited Reviews

Shorter Waiting Times

Your hearing care is our priority, which is why we eliminate long waiting times and streamline the appointment booking process.

Unlimited Reviews

Remote Consultations

Enjoy consultations with our audiologists from the comfort of your home through our Oticon Companion app.

Unlimited Reviews

Product Warranty

Our hearing aids are covered by a 2-year warranty, giving you added assurance and peace of mind.

Unlimited Reviews

Free Gifts

Get a surprise birthday gift and complimentary hearing aid accessories when you purchase your hearing aids with us.

Oticon hearing aid colours and range


Hearing aids manufactured by Oticon feature advanced technology designed to improve the overall listening experience. From wind and noise reduction to a full and balanced soundscape, these hearing devices create a comfortable and natural sound environment for those with hearing loss.

These are the prices of the Oticon hearing aids we carry at Hearing Partners:

Hearing aid modelPrice per piece (RM)
Oticon Real8,000 – 19,000
Oticon Jet2,700 – 3,200
Oticon Own4,000 – 18,000
Oticon More6,000 – 14,500
Oticon Zircon4,000 – 5,500
Oticon Play PX5,000 – 12,500
Oticon Xceed3,500 – 10,500
Oticon Xceed Play4,800 – 12,600
Oticon Opn Play4,700 – 12,000
Oticon Ruby3,400 – 4,000
Oticon Cros3,600 – 4,400

Our Hearing Aid Instalment Plans

We understand that hearing aids can be a costly investment for some. To make this necessary investment more affordable, we offer an interest-free instalment plan that allows you to spread out your payments over 12 months.

If you hold a credit card from one of the listed banks below, you may apply for the instalment plan when purchasing your hearing aids.

Get in touch with us for any clarifications regarding our instalment plans.

FAQs about Hearing Aids and Prices in Malaysia

What is the minimum price for a hearing aid in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, the minimum price for a hearing aid is roughly RM2,700 per piece, but it can go as high as RM19,000 depending on your chosen brand and model.

Some brands, such as Oticon, offer hearing aids equipped with innovative technologies that reduce listening effort and create a more natural and balanced sound scene. The price of such advanced hearing aids can range from RM2,700 to RM19,000 per piece.

What factors affect the cost of a hearing aid?

The price of a hearing aid can differ based on several factors, such as the type, brand, model, functionality, and design. However, it is important to not solely rely on price as the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a hearing aid.

The availability of aftercare services is equally important as your hearing aids may require tuning and adjustments from time to time. At Hearing Partners, we offer these additional services at no additional cost.

Is it worth getting a hearing aid?

Although hearing aids can be expensive, they offer intangible benefits that make them a worthwhile investment. These devices can improve the quality of life of individuals with hearing loss by enabling them to become more independent and better engage with their surroundings.

Additionally, the improved communication resulting from the use of hearing aids can have a positive impact on the mental and emotional well-being of caregivers.

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