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Oticon Opn S™

Easy connection to your phone and other devices

Oticon Opn S™ is more than a hearing aid. It’s wearable technology that makes it easy to connect to your favorite devices.

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Break free from disposable batteries

    A stylish, rechargeable solution you recharge at night for a full day of hearing.

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      Speech understanding on par with normal hearing

        Studies prove Oticon Opn S™ users experience speech understanding at the same level as people with normal hearing.

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          A 360⁰ sound experience

            Oticon Opn S™ comes with improved technology, giving your brain access to relevant sounds around you.

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              Easy wireless connectivity

                Oticon Opn S™ offers simple, wireless connectivity to your favorite devices.

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                  No more whistling

                    OpenSound Optimizer technology detects and prevents annoying whistling before it even happens.

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                      miniRITE R

                      Opn S™ miniRITE R is a state-of-the art rechargeable hearing aid that sits discreetly behind the ear.  With an easy-to-use charger, this style offers a wealth of features and functions, including 2.4 GHz wireless technology.

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                      Opn S™ miniRITE has a discreet design with a single push button for easy operation of volume and programs. The miniRITE has 2.4 GHz wireless technology, as well as a wide variety of other features.

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                      miniRITE T

                      Opn S™ miniRITE T folds telecoil technology and a double push-button into a sleek design.  Use wireless telecoil technology wherever a loop system is installed to deliver sound directly to your hearing aids. 

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                      BTE PP

                      The powerful Opn S™ BTE Plus Power brings open sound to users with severe-to-profound hearing loss. It features 2.4 GHz wireless technology, telecoil, and long battery life in a compact design. 

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                      A 360° sound experience

                      Oticon Opn S™ comes with improved technology that gives your brain access to the relevant sounds around you.

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                      Rechargeable hearing aids

                      A stylish rechargeable** solution that you recharge at night for a full day of hearing.

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                      No more whistling sounds

                      A groundbreaking feature makes Oticon Opn S™ able to detect and prevent annoying whistling sounds before they even occur.

                      How is Oticon Opn S™ different?

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                      Enjoy speech understanding on par with normal hearing

                      Oticon’s newest hearing aid breaks the limits of what has previously been possible with hearing aids. Oticon Opn S™ is proven to give you even better speech understanding with less effort in noisy environments than our previous generation of hearing aids. So now, you can thrive and take active part in difficult listening situations, just like people with normal hearing.

                      For people with typical hearing loss and well-fitted hearing aids, in noisy situations

                      You hear with your brain

                      You don’t hear with your ears, you hear with your brain. That’s why you need hearing aids that are fast enough to keep up with the brain. BrainHearing™ technology in Oticon Opn S™ scans the environment 100 times per second. This gives you constant access to 360° sounds to support the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound.

                      Oticon Opn S™ gives you proven BrainHearing benefits:

                      • Reduces your listening effort
                      • Helps you remember more of what is being said
                      • Gives you better speech understanding
                      • Improves your ability to follow conversations with multiple speakers
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                      With Oticon Opn S™, annoying whistling is a thing of the past

                      Feedback is an annoying whistle or static noise that occurs when sound from your hearing aids escapes and is reamplified by the hearing aid. It usually happens when something comes close to your hearing aid, like when you hug someone or put your phone to your ear. It’s a problem that has been difficult to address – until now.

                      Breakthrough technology in Oticon Opn S™ stops feedback even before it occurs. Now you can give someone you love a tight hug, without worrying about whistling sounds from your hearing aids.

                      Wirelessly connects to your devices

                      Oticon Opn S™ is one of the world’s first internet-connected hearing aids. Imagine the lights coming on and the security alarm turning off when you put your hearing aids on in the morning. You can choose to control your Oticon Opn S™ hearing aids with a phone app for iPhone and Android devices, where you can adjust the volume, programme settings and make any connections you want, using the IFTTT (If This Then That) app.

                      The Oticon ON App, enables user friendly connectivity with electronic devices such as smartphones, TVs, laptops, tablets and many more devices, directly streaming through 2.4GHz wireless Bluetooth®, so you have the opportunity to connect to and control a range of devices in everyday life.

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                      New World vs Old World

                      Previously, most hearing aids coped with noisy environments by focusing on one speaker – typically the one in front of you. Now the technology in Oticon Opn S™ gives you access to the relevant sounds around you, including speech, and puts you in charge of which sounds you want to focus on. The result is that you understand speech better, with less effort, and you’ll find you can remember more of what people have said to you**. This lets you keep up with and join in conversations.

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