1 in 6 Adults Experience Some Form of Hearing Loss

Are you experiencing ringing in your ears? Or are you having trouble hearing in nosy environments?

If you answered ‘yes’, you might have hearing loss.

Untreated hearing loss can lead to cognitive decline, dementia,
social isolation, and depression.

If you suspect that you have hearing loss, it’s important to get yourself
treated as soon as possible.

Punca Kehilangan Pendengaran

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Age-related hearing loss happens gradually and is a normal part of growing older.

Loud Noise

Excessive noise exposure

Constant exposure to noises like traffic and loud music can cause hearing loss.

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Head or ear trauma

Head or ear trauma can damage your ear structures, leading to hearing loss.

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Some types of hearing loss can be inherited from your parents.

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Illnesses such as a middle ear infection can cause hearing loss.

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The excessive consumption of ototoxic drugs has been linked to hearing loss.

Treat Your Symptoms

Hearing loss is caused by a variety of reasons, and your course of treatment will depend largely on the cause of your hearing loss.

If you suspect that you have hearing loss, book a free hearing test to learn more about your symptoms and the treatment solutions available.

Comprehensive free hearing test


Complete analysis of hearing test result

Personalised treatment recommendations

"*" menunjukkan medan yang diperlukan


Dengan menyerahkan borang dalam talian, anda bersetuju menerima Rakan Kongsi Pendengaran dasar privasi.

Medan ini adalah untuk tujuan pengesahan dan hendaklah dibiarkan tidak berubah.

Recognise the Signs of Hearing Loss

  • Do you need to ask others to repeat themselves frequently?
  • Do you need to look at someone closely when talking to them?
  • Do you find it hard to hear in an environment with a lot of background noise?
  • Do you have trouble hearing someone speaking from behind you or another room?
  • Do you find yourself increasing the volume of the TV or radio?
  • Do you find it difficult to make or answer phone calls?
  • Do you experience ringing in your ears?
  • Do you experience clogged or blocked ears for prolonged periods?

If your answer is “yes” to 1 or more of the questions above, you might have hearing loss.

Schedule an appointment with our audiologists and audiometricians and test your hearing today.

Consequences of Untreated Hearing Loss

If left untreated, hearing loss can lead to:

Older woman staring out of the window


Individuals with dementia suffer from memory loss and have difficulty remembering things and concentrating. 

Studies have shown that adults with hearing loss are at a higher risk for dementia. The risk for dementia doubles for mild hearing loss, triples with moderate hearing loss, and is five-fold for severe hearing loss.

Old man with hearing loss


Losing the ability to hear sounds that we take for granted can cause feelings of sadness and anxiety, increasing the risk of depression.

Individuals with depression tend to lose interest in things they once loved and have trouble concentrating or making simple decisions.

Socially isolated old man sitting away from his family and friends

Social Isolation

Individuals with hearing loss may choose to avoid interaction and isolate themselves as hearing becomes more difficult. 

Socially isolated individuals tend to have unfulfilling relationships and feel like they don’t belong anywhere. These factors can result in feelings of loneliness, increasing the risk of dementia and depression.

Test your hearing and learn more about hearing loss. Book a free hearing test to speak to our audiologists and audiometricians hari ini.

Mengapa Memilih Oticon?

Teknologi BrainHearing™

Oticon hearing aids feature our unique BrainHearing™ technology that’s designed to support your brain’s cognitive processes. This helps to make listening easier and reduces the amount of effort your brain takes to make sense of the surrounding sounds.

Our BrainHearing™ technology offers a range of benefits including:

  • Reduced listening effort
  • Better speech understanding
  • Improved ability to store and remember more of what is said
  • Improved ability to follow conversations with multiple speakers
  • Improved ability to keep up with conversations even in complex listening environments like coffee shops

Protect Yourself Against Dementia with BrainHearing™ Technology

Untreated hearing loss is the most important risk factor for dementia that can be changed. According to research, more than ⅓ of dementia cases can possibly be prevented or delayed. 

A great way to prevent dementia is to keep your brain healthy by participating in social activities to stimulate the brain.

With our BrainHearing™ technology, participating in brain-stimulating activities is now easier than ever. 

Protect yourself from cognitive decline while enjoying easier listening and improved speech understanding with Oticon hearing aids.

OpenSound Navigator™

Oticon’s OpenSound Navigator™ scans the full 360° sound environment to monitor, prioritise and preserve speech from all directions. This helps to identify and reduce noise between individual words for a better listening experience.

OpenSound Optimizer™

Our OpenSound Optimizer™ was developed to amplify sound at 56,000 times/second to proactively prevent acoustic feedback from occurring, providing your brain with 30% more speech cues. This enhances your listening by improving speech understanding and reducing listening effort. 

With OpenSound Optimizer™, you can experience hearing that’s on par with normal hearing even in the noisiest environments with multiple speakers.

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Testimoni HP Klang 1

Jasa cemerlang mereka di luar dugaan saya. Saya adalah pengguna jenama lain sebelum ini, tetapi pencapaian dan bantuan baik mereka yang membuka mata saya; ada orang di luar sana membantu mereka yang memerlukan dengan sepenuh hati, bukan sahaja membuat wang.

Kini, saya sebahagian daripada keluarga mereka dan saya sentiasa menikmati perkhidmatan mereka. Saya benar-benar gembira dan sentiasa.

- Dr Ganesh Tharumarajah

Saya fikir saya akan diasingkan selama-lamanya. Saya tidak pernah membayangkan unit ini boleh mengembalikan kegembiraan saya. Terima kasih kepada pasukan Hearing Partners Klang yang mendedahkan cara untuk mendapatkan pendengaran yang lebih baik dan kualiti hidup yang lebih baik.

Kini saya dapat menyertai perhimpunan keluarga dan perbualan seperti dahulu. Awak penyelamat hidup saya.

- Sadiman Mingan

Pendengaran saya semakin teruk; unit sebelumnya tidak mencukupi untuk saya. Terima kasih kepada Rakan Pendengaran Klang yang memperkenalkan alat bantu pendengaran Berkuasa yang mengubah hidup saya dengan lebih baik. Penerangan yang jelas dan mudah difahami, layanan mesra dan ikhlas yang sangat menyentuh hati saya.

Saya benar-benar berterima kasih atas kerja cemerlang anda.

- Sa'adiah Saari

Keep Your Brain Fit.

Get Your Hearing Tested.

The active use of hearing aids can help stimulate your brain and decrease your risk of dementia and cognitive decline.

Live life to the fullest with Oticon hearing aids. 

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