Oticon Jet 1

Oticon Jet™

Enjoy great sound quality with Oticon Jet™

Hear the sounds around you in high resolution with Oticon Jet™ and enjoy a comfortable listening experience that is free of feedback and unwanted noise.

BrainHearing technology 1

Fitted with BrainHearing™ technology

Since you hear with your brain, Oticon Jet™ features BrainHearing™ technology designed to help you make sense of sound. Oticon Jet™’s microchip is so fast that it even reduces noise between words.

Reduces feedback

Filters out and reduces unwanted noise

Oticon Jet™ helps you focus on the sounds in front of you by gradually reducing unwanted sounds from increasingly noisy surroundings. This makes it easier for you to follow conversations in noisy environments.

Reduces unwanted noise

Reduces squealing and whistling sounds

Oticon’s anti-feedback technology reduces squealing or whistling in your ears when someone comes close – like a loved one coming in for a hug. Thus, you can enjoy a more comfortable listening experience.

Discover Oticon Jet™’s hearing
aid styles

Oticon Jet™ gives you nine styles to select from, so you can find just the one for you. And with five different colours, you can choose the one that best matches the colour of your hair or skin. 

Oticon Jet hearing aid styles

Stay connected with Oticon Jet™

Oticon Jet™ connects to compatible devices via advanced Bluetooth® Low Energy technology. Explore the connectivity options available below.

Stream music and sounds

Stream music and sounds seamlessly

Oticon Jet™ is compatible with the Oticon ON app. This app allows you to stream music or sound from your TV to your hearing aids and adjust the volume and programmes.

Connect to smart devices

Connect to your smart devices quickly

Oticon Jet™ can be used with Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It can also be used with Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Control your hearing aids

Control your hearing aids easily

With the Oticon Companion app, you can control your hearing aids with the touch of a finger. Adjust the volume of your hearing aids or switch between listening programs easily.

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