Oticon Play PX™

Unleash the magic of childhood with the world’s first pediatric hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural network (DNN), designed to support your child’s development.

Oticon Play PX™ is designed for children and made for childhood

To support your child’s development in the best way possible, Oticon Play PX™ is the world’s first paediatric hearing aid with a Deep Neural Network. This technology has learned to recognise sounds through experience, just like children’s brains naturally do.

Outline of brain neural network in outline of human head

Deep Neural Network

Trained with 12 million sound scenes from real life to recognize sounds through experience and create a map of what the world really sounds like.

2 Asian children posing for the camera

BrainHearing™ Technology

Provides your child with the best possible conditions to hear in, to help the brain make sense of sound more easily.

Malay family watching a video on the smartphone together

Extensive Connectivity

Connect to a wide range of devices that can make a difference in a child’s ability to learn, socialize and enjoy life around them.

Oticon Xceed in gold

Rechargeable Batteries

Offers a wide range of flexible and convenient child-friendly charging solutions.

Children raising hands in a classroom

Oticon Play PX™ is powered by a Deep Neural Network

Oticon Play PX™ contains a special type of artificial intelligence called a Deep Neural Network. It is the world’s first paediatric hearing aid to be powered by a Deep Neural Network ever!

The Deep Neural Network has learned to recognise sounds through experience, just like children’s brains naturally do. In fact, the Deep Neural Network is trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes – all so the hearing aid can reproduce sounds as precisely and naturally as possible.

BrainHearing™ technology aids in growth and learning

BrainHearing™ technology in Oticon Play PX™ gives your child constant access to 360° sounds to support the way their brains naturally make sense of sound.

Oticon Play PX™ gives your child proven BrainHearing™ benefits:

  • Reduces listening effort
  • Helps them remember more of what is being said
  • Gives them better speech understanding
  • Improves their ability to follow conversations with multiple speakers
Hearing aid with BrainHearing technology and sound scenes
2 children looking at an iPad

Help your child connect with the world

Oticon Play PX™ lets your child connect seamlessly to the world, just like their friends do.

Icon of smartphones
Device streaming

Stream audio directly from iPhone® and Android™* devices, or from your TV, computer and more

Icon of a microphone with sound waves
Microphone streaming

Stream anyone’s voice from a remote microphone or EduMic

Icon of a mobile application
Mobile application

Use our phone app to adjust volume, change programme and more

*Android devices need to support Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) to allow direct streaming to Oticon Play PX™.

Built for classrooms with an optional remote microphone

Oticon’s EduMic is a small wireless microphone that teachers wear to ensure your child hears what is going on.

It streams the wearer’s voice directly to Oticon Play PX™ hearing aids, helping your child participate, learn and develop better.

Blue Oticon Play PX hearing aids on a notepad with EduMic device

Oticon Play PX™ supports natural development by giving access to the full sound environment

Oticon Play PX™ is the world’s first paediatric hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural Network that learned the same way children learn – through experience. Together with Polaris™ – our most intelligent platform ever – Oticon Play PX™ is designed to offer your child full access to the hearing input needed to experience every magic moment of childhood and youth.

Designed to stand up to the tests of childhood

Oticon Play PX™ is made for the adventures of active young lives, and designed with safety in mind.

Father and daughter taking a selfie underwater

IP68 certified

Oticon Play PX™ contains water, dust, and debris barriers. It is nanocoated to repel water and protect casings and electrical enclosures from water damage.

Pink-red dotted lights against blue-black background

LED light

The LED indicator on Oticon Play PX™ gives you visual confirmation that the hearing aid is functioning properly.

Microscopic image of a dust mite

Free of allergens

Our hearing aids meet international safety and biocompatibility standards. They are biologically safe for permanent skin contact.

A child plugging their ear with their finger


The rechargeable miniBTE R style is tamper resistant as the battery is completely sealed in the hearing aid and safe from curious fingers.

Designed for everyday use by children and teenagers

Rechargeable at home or on the go

Oticon Play PX™ rechargeable hearing aids are available with two charger options: the powerful desk charger and the portable SmartCharger.

However, if you prefer, Oticon Play PX™ comes with disposable batteries too.

2 sets of Oticon Play PX™ in black cases, and reddot winner 2022 logo
Oticon Play PX™ hearing aids in 12 different colours and model variations

Find the right style and colour

Oticon Play PX™ is available in 12 attractive colours for your child to select their favourite ones from.

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