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Hearing loss is the leading cause of adult disability worldwide. However, each case is unique and the causes and symptoms will differ from person to person.

Hearing tests measure the ability to hear across the range of frequencies important for speech understanding. Here at Hearing Partners, we are fully equipped with the latest technology in hearing diagnostic equipment.

Types of hearing loss

There are 3 types of hearing loss: 

  • Conductive hearing loss: This happens when sound waves aren’t able to travel through the external and middle ear and the full sound doesn’t reach the inner ear (cochlea). 
  • Sensorineural hearing loss: This is caused by damage to the cochlea or auditory nerves, affecting the clarity and loudness of the sounds you hear. It’s the most common form of hearing loss and may require the use of cochlear implants.
  • Mixed hearing loss: This refers to a combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, where both the outer or middle ear and the inner ear may be damaged.

Signs of hearing loss in adults

Here are the symptoms of hearing loss that you may observe: 

  • Regularly asking others to repeat themselves 
  • Trouble following conversations with more than 2 individuals
  • Frequently perceiving people as mumbling their sentences
  • Issues with sound clarity in noisy or crowded places
  • Having difficulty understanding the voices of women and children
  • Turning up sound volumes much higher than normal
signs of hearing loss in adults

Diagnostic services by Hearing Partners

Your test will be conducted by a professional audiologist, a health provider that handles the diagnosis, treatment and management of hearing loss. 

Here at Hearing Partners, we offer different hearing tests and 2 basic treatment plans depending on your case and requirements.

Audiologist holding hearing instrument in hand

Screening Tests

Majority of adult related hearing losses are due to ageing and noise exposure. 

To detect any potential issues or diseases in relation to hearing loss, we offer:

  • Screening audiometry
  • Ear check up
  • Occupational health screening
  • Hearing aid consultation

Diagnostic Tests

For cases that require more in-depth diagnostic tests, we have 3 dedicated centres that work alongside audiologists and Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) specialists for a full hearing assessment. 

We offer the following tests:

  • Speech Discrimination Test
  • Tympanogram
  • OAE
  • EcochG
  • VNG (Videonystagmography)
  • CAPD Assessment
  • ABRIS (ABR Infant Screening)
  • ABR (Auditory Brainstem Response)
  • ASSR (Auditory Steady State Response)

How to prepare for a visit to the hearing clinic?

You can take the following steps: 

  1. Call the clinic at +1800 88 2017 or book online to make an appointment
  2. Bring your identification card or passport

Why choose Hearing Partners?

Comprehensive diagnosis

Whether you require a simple screening or a more thorough evaluation, you can rest assured that we will conduct a thorough examination before providing the best hearing solutions for you.

Professional audiologists

Hearing Partners has provided effective and satisfactory hearing care services for our clients since we first began in 2000. With our valuable experience and knowledge, our team is qualified to recommend the right tests and treatments that serve you effectively.

Customised hearing solutions

We understand that every case of hearing loss is unique. Based on the cause of your condition, lifestyle and needs, we’ll provide the best hearing devices for you and guide you through the entire process!

Customer Reviews

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“I Wish to say Tq to Mr Mohammad Syafiq fr Hearing Partners greentown Ipoh for his excellent services. He is very friendly and patient attending to my parents. We have bought the hearing aids from him and my parents are happy with the hearing aids. They can listen better and clearly. Keep it up with your good services. TQ again.”

Kar Siew Lee

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“HBC team are polite, helpful and go out of their way to make their Clients feel comfortable. I am extremely happy with the way they attend to my mum… from the initial purchase right to the annual servicing of her hearing aid. Anyone looking for hearing aids, for themselves or their parents, should definitely come here.”

Dr. Shireen Hashim

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“Ms Chong is very patience audiologist who always tried her best to help me and provide the best service whenever she can. Furthermore, she always follow up with me as per scheduled to make sure my hearing aids are always in good condition.”

Khong Yi Low


How can I check my hearing at home?

There are many free hearing tests available online. For more accurate results, proceed to a quiet area and use headphones to conduct your selected test. 

For a precise and comprehensive diagnosis, schedule a consultation at a hearing clinic. Hearing Partners offers screening tests to get an overview of your present hearing.

When should I visit a hearing clinic?

It’s recommended for adults aged 21 and above to get their hearing tested at least once. A basic screening test will show you how sensitive your hearing is at that point.  

You should also see a doctor immediately if you have any of the aforementioned symptoms of hearing loss so that potential issues can be identified and treated promptly.

What happens if hearing loss is not treated?

Hearing loss won’t just affect your hearing, it’ll also impact your health and overall quality of life. Deteriorating hearing sensitivity has been linked to decreased cognitive function, reduced mental health, and social anxiety and withdrawal. 

If you find that you have any symptoms of hearing loss, plan a consultation with our specialists as early detection and treatment will help address the issue quickly. 

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