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What to expect at your hearing test

You might be wondering what takes place at a hearing test, such as what types of tests you’ll take and what you can expect to learn. We have three types of tests in our clinics, these are; An AMTAS – computer test using specific hearing software (15 mins), a Screening test with a Clinician (30 mins) and a full test with a Clinician (60 mins).

Our brief guide below will provide you with a step by step guide of the full test.

Same Day

Same-day results

You will receive your hearing test results during the appointment. Based on your hearing test results, your clinician will discuss your results with you and provide a recommendation where appropriate. If hearing loss is detected then your clinician will assist you in choosing the best hearing aid solution for you and you could be wearing your new hearing aids in less than a week (custom hearing aids can take 2-3 weeks).

Request to try your hearing aids for FREE

If your clinician assesses that hearing aids are suitable, you can try the recommended hearing aids for 7 Days FREE with no obligation to purchase. The exact hearing aid model that you will be able to try for FREE will be determined by your clinician, based on your hearing and lifestyle needs.


“ Their excellent services beyond my imaginations. I was other brand user before, but their milestone and kind help that open my eyes; there are people out there helping those needed with their true hearts, not only making money. Now, I am part of their family and I always enjoy with their services” – “I am truly happy and always be”.

Dr. Ganesh

How is hearing loss tested?

At Hearing Partners clinics, our hearing care experts ensure test accuracy by using the latest technology and audiological equipment.

All audiological devices and testing booths/conditions in Hearing Partners clinics are calibrated and follow the professional guidelines to perform accurate and valid tests.

Our hearing care experts are highly trained and a committed to providing the highest quality of hearing care to each and every one of our clients.

How often should I test my hearing?

Your hearing is just as important as your teeth and eyes, so we believe a hearing check should be included as part of your annual health checks. However, if at any time you are concerned with your hearing, do not wait for your health check up, contact your nearest Hearing Partners clinic or request an appointment today.

How do I check my hearing at home?

While receiving a hearing test from a hearing care expert is the only way to confirm if you have hearing loss or not, there are online hearing tests available which can give you an indication of whether you might have hearing difficulty.

The online hearing test may use background noise, tone tests, and self-evaluation questions to provide you with a result of whether you might have hearing difficulty. Click here to take our online hearing test.

Where can I get a hearing test near me?

Finding a hearing clinic near you is a convenient way to get your hearing tested quickly and easily. Find a hearing care clinic near you.

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