Hearing Test for Babies and Children

Hearing is important to your child’s development. It affects their speech, language development and social interactions.

At Hearing Partners, our hearing tests for babies and children help to detect potential hearing loss, allowing for timely intervention. Learn more below.

Types of Hearing Tests for Babies and Children

At Hearing Partners, we offer a range of hearing tests for babies and children. Certain tests may require parents’ participation.

AgeSuggested hearing test
(Below 7 months old)
  • Otoacoustic Emission test (OAE)
  • Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
  • Auditory Steady-State Response (ASSR)
  • Tympanometry
  • Baby
    (7 months – 2 years old)
  • Visual Response Audiometry (VRA)
  • Behavioural Objective Assessment (BOA)
  • Tympanometry
  • Toddler
    (2 years old – 6 years old)
  • Conditioned play audiometry (CPA)
  • Tympanometry
  • Children
    (6 years old and above)
  • Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)
  • Tympanometry
  • Our audiologists will suggest the most suitable test for your child depending on their age and specific hearing needs.

    Hearing Loss in Babies and Children

    Early detection and intervention for hearing problems in children play a vital role in enhancing their overall quality of life. These are some common causes and signs to look out for when identifying hearing loss in children.

    Causes of Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss in babies and children can be attributed to the following causes:

    • Genetics (i.e. other members of the family also suffer from hearing loss)
    • Exposure to loud noises
    • Infections like middle ear infections or meningitis
    • Injury
    • Certain medications

    Signs of Hearing Loss

    Babies and children who experience hearing loss may exhibit the following signs:

    • Difficulty following instructions
    • Not responding when their name is called
    • Delayed or unclear speech
    • Watching the television on unusually high volumes
    • Lack of reaction to loud sounds
    • Inattentiveness to conversations

    As each case of hearing loss is different, the signs you notice for each child may differ. If you suspect that your child has hearing loss, book an appointment to have your child’s hearing tested.

    Why Choose Hearing Partners?

    Leading hearing care provider

    Hearing Partners is a reliable and reputable provider of comprehensive hearing care services in Malaysia with 5-star customer ratings on Google.

    Dedicated team of audiologists

    Our team of skilled audiologists is committed to delivering top-notch hearing care services to customers by offering free basic hearing tests and personalised recommendations.

    Personalised hearing care solutions

    Every case of hearing loss is unique. Hence, we offer attentive support and treatment plans customised according to our customers’ needs and lifestyles.

    Customer Reviews

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    “I Wish to say Tq to Mr Mohammad Syafiq fr Hearing Partners greentown Ipoh for his excellent services. He is very friendly and patient attending to my parents. We have bought the hearing aids from him and my parents are happy with the hearing aids. They can listen better and clearly. Keep it up with your good services. TQ again.”

    Kar Siew Lee

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    “HBC team are polite, helpful and go out of their way to make their Clients feel comfortable. I am extremely happy with the way they attend to my mum… from the initial purchase right to the annual servicing of her hearing aid. Anyone looking for hearing aids, for themselves or their parents, should definitely come here.”

    Dr. Shireen Hashim

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    “Ms Chong is very patience audiologist who always tried her best to help me and provide the best service whenever she can. Furthermore, she always follow up with me as per scheduled to make sure my hearing aids are always in good condition.”

    Khong Yi Low

    FAQs About Hearing Tests for Children and Babies

    When should my child be tested for hearing loss?

    We recommend that children with a genetic predisposition to hearing loss or a higher risk of acquired/progressive (hearing loss that deteriorates over time) or delayed-onset hearing loss (hearing loss that develops in a child after birth) undergo a hearing test by the age of 2.5 years old.

    Detecting and addressing hearing problems in children at an early stage is vital for enhancing their overall well-being. By identifying hearing loss early on and providing timely intervention, children can develop and function at the same level as their peers when they start school.

    Can I test my child’s hearing at home?

    Yes, you can test your child’s hearing at home while waiting for your appointment at one of our hearing clinics. There are 2 different tests that you can conduct in the comfort of your home:

    1. Observe your child’s response to sound: Make various noises or whisper from different distances at different pitches and angles to see if your child reacts accordingly. If your child fails to respond on multiple occasions, it may be a sign that they suffer from hearing loss.
    2. Speech-in-noise test: This test evaluates your child’s ability to understand speech in noisy environments. Play recordings of speech against a noisy background and observe your child’s reaction or level of understanding.

    It is important to note that these simple hearing tests merely serve as a gauge of your child’s hearing abilities. They should not replace a professional hearing test conducted by an audiologist. Schedule an appointment at any one of our hearing clinics today.

    How much does a hearing test for a baby or child cost?

    At Hearing Partners, a hearing test for a baby or child costs RM210 to RM650. Contact us to find out more.

    How can I prepare my child for their hearing test?

    You can prepare your child for their hearing test with the following steps:

    Before the hearing testOn the day of the hearing test

    1. Avoid loud venues* for at least 24 hours before your appointment to minimise the risk of temporary hearing loss.

    2. If your child has a severe build-up of earwax, bring them to a General Practitioner (GP) or Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) doctor to have their ears cleaned.

    1. Bring your child’s identification card or passport.

    2. Help your child feel calm and relaxed during the test.

    *A place is considered loud when you have to raise your voice or shout to converse with another person who is standing 1m or 3ft away from you.
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