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Oticon Cros™

A revolutionary 360° sound experience for single-sided deafness

Imagine sitting in an important meeting and not being able to pinpoint who is talking. Or having to choose between hearing the TV at a party for a sporting event versus talking with other guests. If you have single-sided deafness, a condition where there is significant or total hearing loss in one ear, you face challenges like these every day. Introducing Oticon CROS™, a solution designed specifically to help you overcome challenges like these.

The Oticon CROS solution consists of two parts:

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A transmitter with a microphone that wirelessly picks up and sends the sound from your poorer ear to the better ear.

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A hearing aid that picks up the sound from the transmitter and plays it in your better ear.

Oticon CROS is available in a range of colors and styles to match your hair or skin tone.


Retired Printer/Lithographer.  Army Veteran. Caregiver.

Single-sided deafness isn’t sidelining Peter anymore now that he wears Oticon CROS™.

Hearing sound all around is essential for this family patriarch and devoted caregiver.

“Watching Sunday football is a tradition for my family. I enjoy spending time with my kids and grandkids and I like that Oticon CROS™ gives me the ability to have a conversation while still being able to listen to the game in the background. The sound quality is a real touchdown.” – Peter M.

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Want to see if Oticon CROS is right for you? Find a hearing care professional near you to get started.

Open up to the world around you

It can be especially challenging to follow conversations when you have hearing loss in one ear. Oticon CROS™ is the only solution on the market that gives you 360° access to sound, thanks to its revolutionary feature – OpenSound Navigator™. OpenSound Navigator constantly scans the environment, balances sound levels and removes unwanted noise. Oticon CROS™ helps you actively engage in conversations in all types of listening environments.

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Traditional hearing aid technology

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OpenSound Navigator technology

Cros last img

Freedom to do more

Streamed sounds are a natural part of our lives, with or without hearing loss. But it can be very challenging to directly stream sound and carry on a conversation if you have hearing loss in one ear. Oticon CROS™ is the world’s first CROS™ solution that makes it possible to do both.

TwinLink™ technology makes it possible to connect to external audio streams while simultaneously having access to sound on your poorer ear side. With Oticon CROS™ you will be able to watch television or listen to music while at the same time carrying on a conversation with someone positioned on your poorer side.

To learn more about Oticon CROS, find a hearing care professional near you.

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